The best sunblock for combination and oily skin

If you’re not using sunblock daily, you’re doing something wrong. It’s absolutely essential to wear protection on your skin every day- come rain or shine, your skin should be protected. The problem many people with combination skin or oily skin face is sunblock can make your face looks greasy, shiny and, worst of all, it can break you out. Solution found my shiny faced peeps and it goes by the name of Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30.

What It Is:

A high factor protection for daily use made specifically for the needs and concerns of combination to oily skin.

The Lowdown:

  • protects against sunburn
  • provides maximum protection for skin cells
  • combats the onset of premature aging
  • has a sebum regulating fluid that improves skin quality & helps keep skin clear & healthy
  • long-term mattifying effect, no oily film, no white marks
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • water resistant

Basically this sunblock not only protects your skin from the sun, but it also helps regulate oil production and works to prevent spots, so this will definitely not break you out if you’re prone to breakouts (LOVE that bit). I’ve found sunblocks that are suitable for my skin before, but I haven’t really loved anything until I came across this little guy.

I find it a bit thick and you do have to rub it in and blend it well (especially by your hairline and eyebrows), but once you blend it, it’s out of sight. Apply this before sun exposure and be sure to reapply every two to three hours if you’re in the sun. One thing is for sure, your skin will be shine free and zit free.

Side-note: This sunblock will not clear up existing breakouts, but it will not cause you to breakout further. Basically, it helps regulate oil production and helps prevent congested pores, which can cause you to breakout, but it doesn’t combat existing acne.



I’m not quite sure if a perfume can get any sexier than this

Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge is the stuff perfume dreams are made of. It’s feminine, it’s sultry, it’s seductive and it’s not overwhelming. I’m IN LOVE with this fragrance. I picked it up at the airport when I ran out of Tom Ford’s Cafe Rose (equally awesome), and I am oh so glad I got my hands on this scent!

What It Is:

A sensual and exuberant, spicy floral fragrance that’s unlike any other fragrance out there.

Top Notes: bergamot, mandarin, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black and white pepper.

Middle Notes: sambac jasmine, broom, neroli, ylang-ylang and clary sage.

Base Notes: Mexican vanilla, labdanum, leather, wood and amber notes.

What makes this perfume truly unique is the unexpected blend of precious sambac jasmine sepals absolute, an ingredient never used before in perfumery, with dusky clary sage and rich spices. A 50 ML bottle of this stuff will set you back about 225 USD (why I picked it up at the airport), but I must say that it’s worth it. You only need a tiny amount, so it lasts a long time and you can use it for special occasions as opposed to daily use if you want to as well.

If you’re looking for a new fragrance that’s unique and just downright sexy, go sniff this one out- you won’t be disappointed ladies!


Buh bye breakouts!

Do you breakout the same time every month in the exact same spot? Whether that’s your situation or you suffer from constant breakouts, this serum is for you. Mario Badescu’s Anti-Acne Serum is sheer magic in fighting off pesky breakouts that reoccur in the same area. I was breaking out along my hairline the past week, within one use of this my breakouts had visibly gotten less, and now (four days later), they’re completely gone.

I can’t say this will work as fast on you, as we’re all different, but I know it will make a difference because it’s the real deal people.

What It Is:

A botanical blend of pore-decongesting ingredients for acne-prone and problem skin types to keep ugly breakouts from happening.

The Lowdown:

  • a salicylic acid based gel serum
  • won’t irritate irrupted or sensitive skin
  • apply a thin layer on acne prone areas or existing breakouts at night
  • can be used as a preventative measure if you breakout repeatedly in the same area
  • keeps skin clear & smooth, keeping acne at bay
  • use nightly or as needed
  • 1 oz bottle costs 20 USD

What’s In It:

  • salicylic acid (helps dissolve dead skin cells & excess oils, improving the clarity of your skin)

You can apply this at night before you apply your moisturizer. I’m pretty sure this is the secret to clear skin and I’m always going to have this in my stash for days when my skin just isn’t working with me. I’m such a big fan of Mario Badescu. You’re going to see a few reviews of his products- I just got an order of goodies in!

Hope everyone has a fab Monday!


Perfect that pout with benebalm

I’m not a heavy makeup type of gal- most days I just go au natural. On the rare occasion I do wear makeup, I definitely like to keep it light, especially during the day. My go-to makeup item right now is my Benefit Benebalm. I’m just obsessed with this lip balm and the natural rosy tint it gives my lips!

What It Is:

A hydrating, tinted, fruity lip balm that conditions lips.

The Lowdown:

  • glides on smooth
  • buildable color (you can have a light sheer look or a pop of color depending on your mood)
  • gives you soft, sexy lips
  • lasts a longtime and fades into a tint
  • about 18 USD

What’s In It:

  • mango butter (hydrates)
  • sodium hyaluronate (moisturizes)

I was a big fan of benetint (the lip & cheek stain) back in the day, but I would always have to apply a hydrating lip balm over it because it would dry out my lips. It was also a hassle to apply in public, so this is THE PERFECT solution. I love the Benebalm, which is the rosy shade, but it also comes in three other shades (poppy pink, sheer mango & candy orchid). I might be picking up another shade real soon!

If you like your makeup simple and light, this is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about it fading out or reapplying frequently. It’s very low maintenance, yet it manages to brighten up your face and give you that fresh-faced look we all love so much. After all, who wants to look haggard? Not moi!


Refresh yourself with Mario Badescu

I’m always looking for a great facial spray whether it be to perk up my skin on a long day, hydrate my face, set my makeup or just keep my skin looking radiant. My new favorite one is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater– just to clarify when I say favorite I mean that this facial spray is definitely going to be a constant in my beauty stash. I may never blog about  another facial spray again because I’m totally head over heels in love. I’m such a big fan of Mario Badescu products and totally hate the fact they’re not available in Dubai (maybe one day).

What It Is:

A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere, anytime.

The Lowdown:

  • a great pick me up for tired, dehydrated, tight skin
  • safe for all skin types
  • gentle, non-irritating
  • 7 USD for a 4 oz bottle

What’s In It:

  • fragrant herbal extracts
  • rosewater (has SO many benefits- soothes irritated skin, balances, cleanses, softens, tones- I could go on & on)
  • aloe (moisturizes, treats acne & anti-aging)

Although I have combination skin, my skin tends to get that tight feeling sometimes around my cheeks, especially if I’m trying out a new skincare line and it’s not working for me. I know the constant AC here in Dubai plays a major role in that as well. I can honestly say that this is THE ONLY facial spray that relieved me of that feeling. Everything else I’ve used (Clinique, Evian, La Roche-Posay) will give me instant relief, but the tightness returns as soon as the mist has dried off. Mario Badescu’s facial spray is instantly absorbed into my skin and immediately hydrates it, which I love.

Rosewater has so many benefits for skin and I’m a sucker for any beauty product with roses in it, but I seriously hit the jackpot with this facial mist. It’s great for your desk at work, to spray on before freshening up your makeup after a long day, or just to keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

Thank you Mario Badescu for hooking a girl up with hydrated skin- no tight, uncomfortable feeling on these cheeks anymore!

Tiny Tidbit: Kerry Washington, you know Olivia Pope from Scandal (if you don’t watch, you should) uses this to keep her skin looking radiant on the show during those long hours of shooting. Denise Cooper (head of the makeup department on the show) keeps a bottle of this in the fridge to use as an afternoon pick-me-up on the actors.


This just might be one of the best serums out there

Does your skin need a little extra love? I know my skin needs constant love and care to look it’s best. Although I have combination skin, it tends to get a bit dehydrated whether it’s from flying, constant exposure to air-conditioning or just because it needs a little TLC. My go to serum to perk up my skin is SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. This serum is pure magic trapped in a little bottle. I’m completely obsessed and smitten with it. When it’s really hot and humid, I just use this solo as a moisturizer (my face can get rather shiny), but in colder climates, I use it as a serum under my moisturizer.

What It Is:

A moisture-enhancing gel serum that binds moisture to the skin and replenishes nutrients, leaving it feeling (and looking) smoother, younger and healthier.

The Lowdown:

  • leaves skin feeling supple & smooth
  • maximizes the benefits of your daily moisturizer
  • hydrates & heals skin
  • locks in moisture without feeling oily
  • great for all skin types (oily skinned peeps included)
  • calms redness, prevents peeling & promotes cell turnover

What’s In It:

  • pantothenic acid aka B5 (moisturizes & repairs tissue)
  • sodium hyaluronate aka hyaluronic acid (the body’s natural hydrator- binds moisture to the skin)

This serum is great for people with sensitive skin, and works great when your skin’s extra sensitive (after microdermabrasion or a chemical peel for example). You can also use it if you have the occasional breakout, or full blown acne. Some people even claim that it’s helped their acne heal, but I can’t vouch for that myself. I can say, however, that it restores lost moisture to your skin and leaves it extra supple and hydrated. That ‘tight’ feeling skin can get sometimes? Yep, this stuff is the cure to it.

It’s about 78 USD for 30 ML, which is on the pricey side, but you only need two to there drops so it does last a really long time. If you’re looking for a new serum, I would HIGHLY recommend you try this one out.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!



The body butter that relaxes the mind & hydrates the skin

The best time for your body to recover is while you sleep, which makes it the best time to slather on moisturizers, put your head on that pillow, and let them work their magic. Neil’s Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter works to moisturize your skin while you’re asleep AND enhance your sleep, ensuring you get a good night’s rest. Yep, this body butter helps relax you, calm your mind and send you off into a night filled with beauty sleep. What’s not to love people?

What It Is:

A creamy potion that’s a therapeutic blend of organic essential oils and nourishing cocoa seed butter that softens your skin while you sleep and relaxes your senses to ensure you get a good night of sleep. 

The Lowdown:

  • very rich body butter (almost balm like)
  • nourishing & restoring
  • great for dry areas
  • thick texture that blends in easily
  • leaves no oily residue
  • calms the mind
  • 85% organic

What’s In It:

  • essential fatty acids (to keep skin plump & hydrated)
  • Vitamin A & E (restore & rejuvenate skin)
  • blend of essential oils – sunflower seed oil, sage oil, patchouli leaf oil, etc. (calm the senses)

One of the biggest beauty secrets is a good night of sleep! We all know how haggard we look after a night of no sleep and it is not pretty. This body butter works on your skin and on your mind to help you catch some z’s. I like using this after my Neutrogena Body Oil to give my skin some extra TLC before I go to sleep. The texture is a bit different than what I’m used to (it’s really thick), but it delivers so I choose to overlook the annoying texture of this body butter. If you want something to keep your skin soft and lull your mind to sleep, pick up Neil’s Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Beauty Sleep Body Butter

Friday’s Favorite: Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water

Who doesn’t want a little va va voom when it comes to their tresses? Personally, my hair is fine so my roots need all the help they can get! Christophe Robin’s Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water really came through for me and the delightful scent of rose is absolutely AMAZING, especially if you’re obsessed with all thing rosewater like I am.

For those of you who don’t know Christophe Robin, he’s an out of this world colorist based out of Paris. He was recommended to me by Tracey Cunningham, an equally amazing colorist. This stuff is an absolute miracle and it doesn’t require heat to give your hair that extra umph . I seriously swear by this and it’s definitely going to be a constant in my hair products- it was pretty hard for me to find a volumizing spray that actually works and doesn’t need heat to be activated.

What It Is:

An alcohol-free volumizing hair mist for fine hair that has a 96% composition of rosewater (yes, I said 96%).

The Lowdown:

  • great for sensitive hair & color treated hair
  • provides body & volume without drying hair
  • protects hair color
  • guarantees lasting body with natural volume
  • contains three different natural rose extracts
  • paraben, silicone and alcohol free
  • smells absolutely fantabulous

What’s In It:

  • rosehip seed oil (softens & has antioxidant properties)
  • rose centifolia water (soothing & moisturizing)

Shake before use and apply all over on damp hair, focusing on the roots. Pick up a bottle of this good stuff, your hair will thank you! 


Take care of the skin you’re in with this nourishing body oil

I LOOOVE a good body oil. They’re so nourishing and great for hydrating your skin. I prefer using them before bed (post shower) as opposed to in the day. You wake up with moisturized, soft skin. It’s really just the best nighttime pampering ritual that doesn’t require that much effort or take a lot of time. I’m currently hooked on Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula. It’s extremely moisturizing, it’s super light (no mess, no fuss) and it doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. 

What It is:

A body oil that easily absorbs into skin, leaving it supple, soft and moisturized. 

The Lowdown:

  • very lightweight & instantly absorbs into skin
  • leaves skin radiant, healthy & glowing
  • seals in moisture

Be sure to use this after you take a shower, while your skin is still damp, to seal in moisture. You can either spend time pampering yourself while it sets into your skin, or you can just pat dry with a towel. It’s also great to put a few drops in your bath and just relax while it works it’s magic on your skin. I use body oils year round, so I’m not one of those people that just likes to use them in winter and this is a great formula for summertime heat (it’s really lightweight).

I wouldn’t recommend this if you have chronic dry skin. I know it says it’s for dry skin, but I find it to be more for maintaining normal skin. When my skin is feeling a little dry, it needs a little more than this body oil, so don’t expect miracles if you’re skin is extremely dry. It is, however, great for normal skin and it’s also a great, affordable way to pamper yourself a little before bed. 

Hope everyone has a lovely day! 


The most amazing, lightweight foundation for a flawless finish

Okay, so I’m not the biggest foundation person out there. I prefer my tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams- anything that’s lightweight and quick/easy to apply- which is probably why I adore Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. This foundation is PERFECT for the summer and the insane humidity in Dubai right now. It’s also a great foundation if you like your makeup more on the light side and are a fan of the natural look.

What It Is:

A lightweight, noncomedogenic foundation with sunscreen that blends brilliantly into skin, leaving your complexion even and matte, yet radiant. 

The Lowdown:

  • water & powder free (no cakeyness here!)
  • easily distributed onto skin
  • super light (you forget you have foundation on type of light), yet it perfects the skin
  • contains oils that quickly evaporate, leaving behind nothing but pigment
  • just a few drops leave your skin looking flawless
  • perfect for normal to oily skin range (if you have dry skin this isn’t for you)
  • provides light coverage (you can layer to achieve medium coverage)
  • about 64 USD

This foundation works wonders on oily skin and helps keep shine in check, making it a complete blessing for hot, humid Dubai nights. It leaves your skin with a semi-matte finish, but still glowing in a healthy, radiant way- not the I have an oil slick on my T-zone type of way.

Remember to shake the bottle before applying it. All you need is a few drops (2-4 drops). I like to apply this using my fingers. Start at the center of your face and use quick sweeping motions outwards (quick because your skin absorbs it rather fast). Keep in mind that this is more like a really amazing tint than a full coverage foundation, so if you’re looking for full coverage, definitely look elsewhere.

What’s your favorite summertime foundation?